Tuesday, February 5, 2013

"Where there is love there is life" --Mahatma Gandhi

This song and poem stood out to me this week. They mean something different to me today than they would have just a few days ago.
I hope they can mean something to you.

Beggar's Prayer-- by Emiliana Torini

--by Gerald Stern

This time there was no beak,
no little bloody head, no bony
claw, no loose wing--only a small
pile of feathers without substance or center.

Our cats dig through the leaves, they
stare at each other in surprise,
they look carefully over their shoulders,
they touch the same feathers over and over.

They have been totally cheated of the body.
The body with its veins and its fat
and its red bones has escaped them.
Like weak giants
they try to turn elsewhere.
Like Americans on the Ganges,
their long legs twisted in embarassment,
their knees scraping the stones,
they begin crawling after the spirit.

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